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Find your (not) fabulous love

Having re -read fairy tales from childhood, today we will be able to open in them that wisdom that was inaccessible to the look of the child. For example, the “algorithm” search for true love. A psychotherapist, the author of fairy tales explains how to decipher magical messages and turn them into useful exercises.

They often tell me that fairy tales are misleading women. The heroine will certainly find her lover, even though she was strewn, hidden or turned into a frog. Lovers will certainly heal happily.

In real life, a woman has to make a lot of effort to find her love. And today, the fairy -tale advice “Sit and wait”, secretly reproduced in most fairy tales, does not work at all.

I agree, outwardly everything looks like fairy tales “lead from reality” and you cannot believe them. What if fairy tales are encrypted messages, and they should not read them “in the written”, but “in a wore”?

This assumption will lead us to the discovery of a special cipher of fairy tales. And it turns out that a fairy -tale heroine performs a number of non -domestic, but symbolic actions that turn out to be consistent steps to her feminine happiness. Let’s see what different fairy -tale heroines do in order to meet love and change their lives qualitatively. This will give us clear practical recommendations.

1.The heroine turns an evil fate into good

She calmly and boldly goes to meet her own fate. Meets her, launders, feeds. And fate from the evil old woman turns into a good sorceress.

Encrypted recommendation: be sure to accept your fate as it is. To do this, resolutely give up the habit of complaining about fate, to yearn and sadden due to the fact that some of your expectations have not yet been realized. Stand in front of the mirror, look at yourself for a couple of minutes with a calm look, and aloud say: “My fate, you are as beautiful as me! I accept you, my dear! I know that you will find the way to my happiness, to a meeting with my lover. I promise not to interfere with you complaints and reproaches. I give you confidence!”

Repeat the text until

Muitas mulheres adoram essa pose pela capacidade de controlar a penetração e o canto da velocidade. Para extrair o máximo desta posição, fique de joelhos, leve adiante e depois volte para trás e para cialis preço lenta e suavemente. Então você não apenas terá uma excelente estimulação do clitóris sem nenhum esforço, mas também, talvez, você encontre o ponto misterioso G. A velocidade aumenta gradualmente, concentrando -se em seus sentimentos. Outra opção é colocada no parceiro no vibrante anel do pênis. Certamente fará uma variedade de suas lições!

you begin to believe in it until freedom, peace and inspiration appear inside you. Do this exercise twice a week.

2.The heroine sorting out the seeds

Often in fairy tales, the stepmother mixes wheat, millet, poppy, peas and makes the stepdaughter sort them out, decompose them separately.

Encrypted recommendation: perceive a man not only as a potential romantic lover, but also as a seed carrier. Start watching different men and asking yourself questions: what kind of seed does he wear in himself? Weed or strong? High -quality or damaged? Such training will develop your innermost female observation and sober intelligibility.

3. The heroine spins Kudel, TKTK CART, knit

These actions symbolize patience, creativity and accurate understanding of oneself. Encrypted recommendation: purposefully and creatively know yourself.

Ask yourself two questions: what I already know about myself? What I don’t know about myself yet? Find and write seven answers to each of the questions. Try to repeat the exercise once a week.

4. The heroines are stuck shoes

The ward king checks his sleeping daughters every morning and finds their new shoes with worn out. The fact is that princesses dance at night.

Encrypted recommendation: dance more with your eyes closed! Improvise to any music! Admit the idea that dance is a symbolic letter to your lover. Every day, dancing, compose a message to him. Talk about yourself in it and invite him to your life. In every dance, tell your beloved something new about yourself.

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